26 – 28 September 2014
London, UK
Yulia Redkous
Yulia is a rising belly dance star, an international performing artist and choreographer who has held a lifelong passion for Egyptian dance, music and culture. Her research of culture gives her sensitivity and understanding of the roots of Egypt dance as it is performed in this country. Yulia was born in Krasnoyarsk, Russia. She was graduated from high school in 1999 and was accepted to Philology Department in Siberian Federal University. After a while Yulia decided to change the specialty and entered East Siberian Institute of Tourism. She successfully graduated from the institute in 2012. As a child Yulia studied and practiced such forms of dance as folk and pop but at the age of 15 she was fascinated by oriental dance, it captured her imagination and changed her life. After only one year of training Yulia was invited to join the famous Shamsi trio. Yulia started performing as a soloist in 2009. She has charmed audiences from her early career and achieved incredible results winning a lot of regional and international competitions. She's been coming to festivals in Cairo for many years. Yulia has studied with many top Egyptian master teachers. But meeting with a brilliant choreographer and belly dancer Khaled Mahmoud was the defining moment in her dance career because their feeling and vision of dance completely matched. It was Khaled Mahmoud who showed Yulia a magic world of the real oriental dance and became her guide and a kind tutor. Since 2012 Yulia has become the first Siberian belly dancer who regularly performs as a guest star at opening and closing gala shows at the Nile Group festival. Yulia performs belly dance in Egypt manner combining an old style of Raqs Sharki with a new Cairo style. Her unique technique of belly dance fuses together softness, grace and precision making her every dance unforgettable. Her performances are always energetic, sensual and innovative – captivating audiences and inspiring to enjoy her shows and talents. Yulia is already an experienced teacher and choreographer. She has been teaching dancing for five more years. Audience has been enjoying the performances with her own choreography since 2007. Since 2011 Yulia Redkous has been a leader and choreographer of Anhar troupe (Krasnoyarsk) performing oriental dance. Yulia has won many competitions and was the first solo winner of Shimmy in the City in 2011.

On Saturday Yulia will teach Oriental Technique workshop for beginners with at least one year of basic training.

Yulia will perform in the Saturday night Oriental
Gala Show.