26 – 28 September 2014
London, UK
Khaled Mahmoud
The co-organiser of Shimmy in the City, with Kazafy, Khaled started dancing in Cairo when he was just seven years old at parties and weddings. His father thought he was very artistic so he sent him to study Ballet for six years.

He went on to College to study accounts, so no time for dancing. When he finished College and worked in a factory he danced with a group for four years dancing Egyptian style. It was during this time he took belly dancing lessons with Abrahim Akef and many master teachers in Cairo, then Khaled became a Belly Dancing teacher himself for six years at the Maade Club and also worked on M/S Alexander the Great Cruise Boat in the evenings.

He likes the style of the old Belly Dancers Naima Akif, Tahia Carioca, Samia Gamal and the new style dancers. Over the years he has developed his own style of dancing.

Since arriving in England in 2001 he has held workshops and performed in shows all over
the UK and in 2002 launched his international career at the Belly Dance Festival in Sweden. He now travels the world teaching and performing and is also part of the Nile Group in Cairo.

Khaled likes teaching all styles of Egyptian dance — Classic, Saidi, Oriental, Baladi, New Style Egyptian, Stick, Tabla Solo & Veil at any level from beginners to professionals and he arranges workshops for many famous teachers.

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On Saturday Khaled will be teaching with Kazafy a Combination Technique workshop between Raqs Sharki Khaled Style and Folklore Kazafy Style. Khaled will also be performing in our All Male Gala Show on Sunday night.